Six Days to Go

Less than a week now. We leave on Saturday 7th – a short early morning hop up to Auckland, a leisurely stroll across to the international terminal, then a longer flight to Singapore. Followed by another flight across the Bay of Bengal to Sri Lanka’s capital city, Colombo.

So much still to do though – packing, printing, procrastinating and taking Elsie (the bag checker) to her holiday camp. As with preparation for any trip, it will be a matter of doing more and more in the ever decreasing amount of time left, a lot like the packing process itself, trying to cram too much into a space that rapidly shrinks. We are indeed asymptotic creatures, driven not by careful planning but rather the closing of a deadline.

Saturday will be a long day. Thirty one and a half hours long because we’ll be flying with the sun (east to west). And Sunday not quite so long, yet chaotic as we arrive close to midnight, negotiate the bustle of a foreign airport, queue for immigration, customs and a taxi, then – finally – motor off into the hot snarling night.

At least this time we won’t have the burden of a boxed bicycle. Or three heavy suitcases stuffed with food, wine and chocolate. Travelling light with one bag and pack each, we will be entirely normal.

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