Hi there from Kate and Andy.

If you add together our names, you have Kandy, a town in Sri Lanka. This is one of our reasons for travelling to this island state. There are others: tea, elephants, temples, monks in orange robes, the Duran Duran Save A Prayer video and vegetable curries. Perhaps not the best reasons for going, but that’s us.

Read about the happy accidents that make up our journey…

Photo by Tomáš Malčo Malík from Pexels

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your blog.
    If you go to Kandy you might remember that your Grandfather Wilson convalesced from his wounds in Kandy in February – March 1943. He and Ida visited Kandy on returning from Kathmandu in 1983 – he said the old hospital was still there then………….. Safe travelling. Rick


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