Tea Factory Visit – Part Two

After the cobwebs and skeletons of our last tea factory visit, at a haunted building where photos were forbidden and tourists grimaced in revealing green pinafores, we were keen to see a real live working factory – one in which people pulled levers on machines and conveyor belts visibly processed the fresh leaves into something resembling packet tea. Lonely Planet recommends the Dambatenne Tea Factory … Continue reading Tea Factory Visit – Part Two

Seven Forty-Seven from Haputale

It was seven forty-five, and people still paced up and down, glancing at their watches and then at their phones. Others knotted into family groups, mothers, aunts, children and baggage, while more people hurried in from the ticket office. As the time moved onto seven forty-six, the queue at the food kiosk dwindled and people craned their heads, looking down the platform to see if … Continue reading Seven Forty-Seven from Haputale